Liza, a Jacksonville native, founded CatronPI / EnlightenMineEyes, & the DonnaFoundation.  She is unrelenting, licensed by the State of Florida, and has worked cases to help both individuals and businesses find the answers they seek.  All services are discreet & confidential; and available services include comprehensive background checks, surveillance, dating background checks, missing persons, domestic investigations (including infidelity, child/elder abuse, minor visitations & visitation/exchanges). If you’re looking for surveillance or a simple investigation on a spouse or partner that’s suspected of cheating, we can help.

Providing investigative services to individuals, attorneys and the business community; we are female owned and operated and provide the highest level of professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity to all clients. A full-service agency we providing a variety of services throughout N Florida.

We treat every case with discretion; cherish and uphold client confidentiality and maintain rates as affordable as possible while working diligently until a case is resolved. We are client oriented.

There are a number of advantages to using female PI services. A female can do the same types of investigation work as males, and some cases are just best suited for women. Female investigators have well developed people skills, an understanding of and exhibit great empathy & compassion; they blend easier, are less intimidating and have an instinctive ability to put people at ease. These qualities have many advantages and benefits in the investigative field.

Why it can be advantageous to hire a female investigator… People are naturally suspicious of men in parked vehicles, but no one thinks twice about a female sitting in a car outside a house or property as they are much less suspicious of women in general. Females generally have a natural ability to put people at ease. People are less threatened by a woman, which makes it easier to acquire information. Female Investigators also do not face the same hurdles male colleagues do. Most people never suspect that an investigator will be a woman, making it much easier to fly under the radar and play a variety of roles. Women can also be more street smart and often think on their feet more quickly. They have a natural instinct which makes them great listeners and being an investigator requires a thorough understanding of what’s been said.

We offer a range of services to deliver the peace of mind you deserve. Call for a free consultation.